Rosie Benson

Senior Media Officer at The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, formerly Features Writer

United Kingdom

Communications expert and former journalist specialising in long-form features and high-impact media campaigns.

I began my career at the BBC in broadcast media before moving into print and digital magazine journalism. My content has been long-listed for One World Media’s Popular Features Award and shortlisted for the BSME Best Innovation Award. And, alongside my colleagues, short-listed for PR Team of the Year at the Charity Times Awards 2020.

I believe in the importance of elevating the voices of women and girls around the world and this continues to shape my work in the non-profit sector today. Published in Marie Claire, National Geographic Traveller, Red Magazine & more, I have interviewed notable names from Spiderman star Tom Holland to former Home Secretary Amber Rudd. And I once swapped book recommendations with Liv Tyler.

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Marie Claire
This School Is Turning Former Child Sex Workers Into Lawyers

Of a staggering 1.2 million children estimated to be working in prostitution in India, only 55 legal cases were brought to court in 2015. With so little action being taken, it's no wonder that perpetrators feel they are above the law.

Marie Claire
Meet the White Helmets: Syrian volunteers risking their lives every day

Syria has been embroiled in a bloody conflict for six years with over 400,000 civilian deaths and millions displaced by war. Marie Claire meets two women on the frontline. Interviews by Hilal Seven & Rosie Benson Amidst all the death and destruction in Syria, there is one organisation which exists solely to protect civilians.

Marie Claire
How Sophie Turner (aka Sansa Stark) is helping rape victims around the world

Throughout Game of Thrones, we've watched Sansa Stark go from innocent, wide-eyed princess to disillusioned, broken young woman - a transformation which at times has been difficult to watch. The most harrowing episode by far in Sansa's transformation took place in Season Five, where she was brutally raped by the sadistic Ramsay Bolton on her wedding night.

Marie Claire
The male warriors fighting to end FGM

In a new positive step, it's Kenyan men that are working to stop FGM and end the stigma against 'uncut' girls in their community... Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), the practise that involves cutting off a girl's clitoris, and sewing up her vulva, is a difficult subject to discuss openly in many parts of the world.

Marie Claire
British women are facing life imprisonment for using abortion pills

Did you know that the UK has the harshest punishment for self-induced abortion of any country in Europe, bar Ireland? And, that an increasing number of women are now buying illegal abortion pills online. Can you imagine facing life imprisonment for procuring an abortion, not in Ireland, or the US, but here in the UK?

Marie Claire
10 reasons why we still love Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gave us serious #feministgoals last week at the WoW festival in London. Here are our best 10 quotes from her speech Last week London's Southbank Centre hosted it's seventh Women of the World festival - a six-day event in celebration of women and their experiences around the world.

Marie Claire
How being a woman has changed over 100 years | Marie Claire

Women have come a long way since 1917 -when we couldn't vote, get legal protection from marital rape, or initiative divorce Sadly, there are still many outdated and downright depressing anti-women laws in use around the world today - women in Saudi Arabia cannot drive or leave the house without a male guardian present.

Marie Claire
What Is The eBay Gender Gap, And How Does It Effect You?

So It Turns Out The Gender Pay Gap Even Applies To Online Auction Sites As if women didn't have it hard enough in life, what with the tampon tax and pay gap in the workplace, news has emerged this week that on eBay we are getting shortchanged too.

Marie Claire
Meet the 9 typical students you'll encounter this Freshers' Week

So exactly who you can expect to run into this Freshers' Week... Freshers' week is approaching for thousands of new students. It's a week synonymous with shiny halls of residence, regretful hook-ups, copious amounts of alcohol, and friendships quickly forged and just as swiftly forgotten.

Marie Claire
Australian School Lets Pupils #Breakfree From Gender Stereotypes

Boys who identify as female can now wear skirts to school... This week we're all about #BreakingFree from Gender Stereotyping. That's why we were thrilled to read about this school in Australia, re-writing the rulebook on school uniform.

Marie Claire
Historic rape case gives hope to survivors of sexual assault

In a historic victory, a woman has become the first to win a rape case in a civil, not criminal, court in Scotland. Words by Rosie Benson Denise Clair, a 30-year-old mother of one, was left 'devastated' when the criminal justice system decided not to prosecute footballers David Goodwillie and David Robertson, who allegedly raped her in the early hours of January 2nd, 2011.

Marie Claire
Here are nine times we fell in love with Tom Hardy

Oh Tom Hardy, how do we adore thee? From his love of man's best friend and his uncanny ability to shoot down sexists, to the time he was totally cool and hilarious about the internet discovering his old MySpace account, there has been many a time that Tom has swept us off our feet.


Marie Claire
Want To Experience Blue Planet II IRL? Get Yourself To Mirihi Island

These were the words of our British Airways pilot as we touched down in Male, at the international airport of the Maldives. Soon it was into our tiny seaplane (not recommended for claustrophobic-types) for a thirty minute flight before touchdown on M irihi, our very own castaway island. Two words: 'Shoes Optional'.

The Local, Italy
'In the mouth of the wolf': My one-way ticket to Italy

Journalist and blogger Rosie Benson left a stable job in the UK to spend a year in Rome, learning the language, how to cook, and how to live life the Italian way. She tells The Local about her decision to book a one-way ticket to Italy - against the advice of almost everyone she knew.

Mangiare e Vivere
How to Spend Saturday in Monti

Monti, a tiny quartiere tucked away beside the Colosseum, might be small in size, but it has a lot packed in between its walls. Its history is varied and colourful; hardly surprising for the area which grew up alongside the Roman Forum, the political heart of the Roman empire.

The London Economic
Five must-dos in Madrid

Land-locked, football mad, the eternal rival to Barcelona, Madrid has a lot more to offer than boulevards and the beautiful game. Here, Rosie Benson takes at look at five must-dos in Spain's capital city... What to drink... Nobody drinks sangria in Spain anymore, it's all about Tinto de Verano. Th

National Geographic Traveller
Top 5: Natural springs in Europe

To celebrate Global Wellness Day, Rosie Benson rounds up the thermal delights that Europe’s hot springs have to offer.

Country By Country
Discovering Rocinha

"It's not possible to arrive at the favela by car, so we have to go by motorbike," says Annalise, our guide for the day, as a group of leather-clad bikers pulls up in front of us. I eye them nervously. I've never been on a motorbike, let alone entered a favela on one.

The London Economic
A look at Glasgow Restaurant Festival

by Rosie Benson, travel writer Thought Scottish cuisine stopped at haggis and deep-fried Mars bars? Think again. In recent years Scotland has been transforming its culinary culture, with Glasgow, its largest city, leading the way. This year sees the launch of Glasgow's first restaurant festival; a month long celebration of local produce and businesses, giving restaurateurs the chance to showcase their most mouth-watering creations.

The London Economic
The Islands of the British Isles

Living so close to the continent and spoilt for choice with budget airlines, it’s easy to forget that we have our very own island getaways right here on our shores. There are more than 6,000 islands across British and Irish waters, and even more when including British Overseas Territories. We’ve put together a selection of some of the best.

Health & Wellness

Marie Claire
A New Pill Could Banish PMS For Good (Hell Yes!)

A new pill to combat PMS could be on the horizon, as scientists find a genetic factor for the condition. Words by Rosie Benson It's an illness that hardly needs an introduction, but PMS, PMT, or Premenstrual Syndrome, to give it its full title, is a debilitating and often underappreciated condition that affects an estimated one in twenty women.

Marie Claire
10 Body Confident Instagrammers To Follow

To end our Break Free From Body Hate week, here are some inspirational instragrammers promoting body confidence... It's the last day of our #Breakfree From Body Hate week, where we've made a promise to ourselves to let go of all the body insecurities that have been holding us back.

Marie Claire
The secrets of healthy people who never get sick

We all know at least one - the friend who never cries off with a cold, who boasts about their robust immune system, and hasn't taken a sick day in...ever. But how do they do it? Words by Rosie Benson Did you know that you will get around 200 colds in your lifetime?


Marie Claire
Supermodels out in full force for Fashion Fighting Poverty at LFW

Styled by Bay Garnett, and modelled by the likes of Erin O'Connor, Clara Paget and Stella Tennant, Oxfam showed it can hold its own on the catwalk at London Fashion Week What better way to kick off London Fashion Week than discovering some fabulous vintage clothes, as shown on supermodels, while doing your bit to fight poverty at the same time?

Marie Claire
Photographer Rankin has designed his first ever clothing range

For the first time in his career, renowned British photographer Rankin has designed an exclusive fashion range. Why? To encourage us all to be a little bit funny for money. Inspired by his love for animals, Rankin has designed an exclusive T-shirt range for this year's Comic Relief, some of which even feature Rankin's own pup Doris.

Marie Claire
We snuck behind the scenes at Sophia Webster's Frozen fashion wonderland

We wanted to find out how one of London's hottest shoe designers used Disney's Frozen to inspire her latest collection Ah Frozen - the story of two sisters fighting to overcome a magic curse, defeat an evil prince, and break free from the ghosts of their past, all while cavorting through snow with a trusty snowman by their side - it's girl-power with an icy twist, and frankly, what's not to love?

Sex & Relationships

Marie Claire
The Seven Best Sex Games: Tried And Tested

Sex Games: How many of these are you brave enough to try Looking for a great sex game to spice things up in the bedroom? Well, we tried them all and here are 7 of the best sex games out there. You're very welcome...

Marie Claire
This is the ideal time a kiss should last

Us Brits aren't know for our love of public displays of affection - exaggerated displays of lust tend to leave us frowning and tutting with disapproval. Yet apparently, we're not quite as prudish as we think. In honour of Valentine's Day and all things romantic Virgin Atlantic conducted a Facebook Live experiment to find out the perfect length of time for a kiss.

Marie Claire
This is the real reason why your partner won't stay over

It turns out that us Brits are a fussier bunch than most, particularly us girls in fact, with a whopping 86 per cent of us admitting that we have refused to stay over at our partner's pads due to one or other of their (or their housemates) unsavoury habits.

Marie Claire
One Woman Reveals How To Have A Super Orgasm

Jannette Davies had her first multiple orgasm when she was 16 years old. She quickly learned that she could easily orgasm multiple times, making her part of a select group of 'super orgasmic' women, some of whom are able to orgasm over 60 times.

Marie Claire
Men's Mental Health: 7 Ways To Help If Your Boyfriend Has Depression

During Men's Health Week, here's how you can help if a man in your life is suffering with depression and anxiety Men's health problems - particularly mental health issues - have been a big topic this year, largely thanks to campaigns spearheaded by Princes William and Harry, such as Heads Together.

Marie Claire
Vibrating Knickers: Your Need-To-Know On The Sex Toy Everyone's Talking About

Stop everything: it's now possible to turn your knickers into your very own portable sex toy... That's right, in 2016 you can actually wear vibrating knickers underneath your trousers and no one will suspect a thing. Vibrating knickers have been around for a while, but in the past few months have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity.

Food & Drink

Red Online
The Superfoods You Didn't Know You Were Eating Already

By Rosie Benson It can feel exhausting keeping up with the latest food fads, and staying on top of what is supposedly the hottest new miracle food. From fat-free, to gluten-free, to dairy-free, there's a lot of conflicting information out there on how to choose the best diet for you.

Red Online
Our Favourite New Recipes Using Coconut Oil

By Rosie Benson Hailed as one of nature's most versatile products, there is no doubt that coconut oil is having a moment. Whilst it can be used as an effective moisturiser, hair serum, and body scrub, it can also bring huge benefits to our insides, making it a staple in any health conscious kitchen.


Marie Claire
Grace Neutral talks tattoos, body modification and new TV show Needles And Pins

Grace Neutral has over 450K followers on Instagram, elf-shaped ears, violet eyes and a forked tongue. Now, her tv show Needles and Pins is about to debut on Viceland. We had a chat with her to find out more about her journey into the world of tattoos, body modification, and Japanese rope tying...

Marie Claire
Is Rising Star Maren Morris Set To Be The Next Taylor Swift?

'You always have that fear of pissing off half your fan base, but I'm not here to water down my personality' Maren Morris' star is on the rise. Her major label debut album, Hero, reached number five on the US Billboard 200 chart and the album's debut single, My Church, won her a award for Best Country Solo Performance in 2017.

The London Economic
TLE meets...Vikings Star Maude Hirst

The Vikings star talks to TLE all about female warriors, her role as Helga, and boarding school vibes on set... What attracted you to the role of Helga, are there any similarities between you? She came into the script as this kind of carefree, Viking hippie, who was a fundamental pagan.

Mangiare e Vivere
Mangiare e Vivere Meets... Anna-Lisa, owner of Rechicle, Rome

It's easy to miss Rechicle at first; tucked away on a quiet street in Prati, there is no grand sign announcing its presence to passersby. In fact, the only thing giving it away is the window display, which tantalisingly reveals colourful vintage bags and scarves, alongside 1950s beauty cases and designer sunglasses.

Marie Claire
Meet The Inspiring Women Fighting Stereotypes

As part of our #BREAKFREE from labels campaign, we've rounded up the inspiring words we've heard on judgement and fighting stereotypes this week... Here are the inspirational stories of four women who have fought labels and overcome stereotypes...

The Independent
Case study: ‘I’ll lose independence’​

Hugh Thomson-Slater, 63, from Surrey has cerebral palsy My equipment is very important to me. Without my wheelchair I’d lose my independence. I have a normal wheelchair in the house but outside I use a powered one. It needs replacing every three to four years. If my money gets capped I may not be able to afford a replacement.